Plug and play! Kinematics allows every child to build his own robot, wirelessly and without complicated assembly instructions.

Construction with movement

Construction with movement A central feature of the Kinematics modular system is the kinetic modules that use an integrated servo motor which allows a variety of movements. Three different modules for rotational, tilt and shift motion have been implemented in two series of prototypes. Two other kinetic modules, currently in the design phase, will allow the user to realize linear motion as well as 360 ° rotations. The modular system has many further possibilities.

Wireless connection

Wireless connection All modules can be connected to each other by a 360° rotating-plug-connector. This feature enables the user to both create stable constructions and also guarantees integrated data and power transmission. Stability and wireless connectivity ensures the foolproof joining and separation of, the modules and allows many types of design and movement configurations. In addition a simple plug-in connection integrates small passive components with each other, as well as with the main modules.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface Every child can build robots! Kinematics is suitable for children from the age of 5 years and upwards, and without the need of computer skills, they may build interactive robots which have the ability to move. We call this “build and play!” In addition our intuitive interface allows the user to control the robots. Motion parameters such as angles, motion delay and speed can be changed by a computer or even more easily by using the interface module “power brain”.